Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a visit to new york

While Nikolai gallivanted in the former Soviet Union, I took a little trip down to New York.

And wow. I love Brooklyn.

My friend Katie and her boyfriend Sean were amazing hosts, especially considering my spur of the moment arrival. I had a wonderful evening hanging out on their roof, looking at Manhattan, and making our way to the neighboring roof party, and hearing about Kurt Vonnegut as a family man.

Unfortunately, I can't post a lot of my favorite photos of the trip, but I was lucky enough to tour what I am completely positive is the most interesting theatrical set in New York, if not the country.

But I am always able to post pictures of the beautiful Prospect Park Swans.

I honestly had no idea how beautiful and livable Brooklyn is. Relative to Manhattan, which is not a very high bar. I started thinking about if I could do it, though I am really not sure I could. I think Beijing may have ruined big cities for me, alas.

Below, a picture of a pretty pretty vintage dress that was most definitely way too small, but I couldn't help but photograph.

...And back to the real stuff! Arriving the day after gay marriage passed and during pride weekend was such a joy! Everyone was in a wonderful mood.

New York city was as lovable and cuddly as I have ever seen it. I guess they have gone soft!

All in all, the take home lesson is- I need to take the Bolt Bus more often!

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