Friday, June 24, 2011

the arrival of the stanley cup.

It is always a shock to be innocently out and about and come upon shirtless drunk and screaming masses, but not in a bad way. I love anarchy and collective joy, and I think its easier to appreciate as an outsider, without the self consciousness of a true believer.

Suffice to say, Boston is now home to the Stanley Cup. And South Boston was out in force.

There is truly nothing like seeing the man love of a several day old sports victory. Everywhere we went, men waved there shirts, looked into each others eyes and let out a primal scream. Beautiful.

This doesn't need any description. There is nothing I can add. I will tell you it is an ambulance, your heart will tell you the rest.

You know its a good day in Boston when at least 10% of the population are cops (who received a lot of irish man to irish man love, by the way)

... and 5% are walking talking bear surprises.

Anyway, eventually we ran out of Bruins fans, met a man who painted Stephen Colbert's face on the sofa and brought it to the street, and had our photos taken for his blog. Maybe you can find it if you care to. I won't hold your hand, you know how to use the internet.

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hig1987 said...

i found it! i wish you had held my hand though.