Sunday, May 22, 2011

who loves the sun

nothing is better than trading dirty slush for pink cherry blossom snow petals.

and new small friends

(forgive the terrible iphone photos. i am new to this, and to iphone photography).

fortuitous meeting on the way to gourmet dumpling

what a joy to spot a banksy in chinatown! i did a bit of research and this and another painting in central popped up last year (last year!! how did i miss it so long!?) when "exit through the gift shop" was coming out. i love the movie, but i am disappointed that this might just be an ad.

though if its an ad, its still an amazing ad, and for something i loved. so i am back to loving it again!

(p.s. everyone who saw exit through the gift shop- what did you think? was it all a con?! i am a bit obsessed...)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the harvard museum of natural history is a magical place

with a feeling much like walking into a wes anderson film set, the harvard museum of natural history (which is connected to the equally lovely peabody museum) is easily my favorite quiet place in boston. glass flowers, saw dust filled extinct animals, and a dark room full of polynesian spears and headdresses, it brings back a particular wonder of the world acquired in dusty midcentury library books and subsequently lost in the grim florescent lighting of modernization. there is an undeniable glamour to the tweedy academia of the previous century, racism, sexism, and a million other isms beside.