Monday, June 6, 2011

strange and beautiful art

john lurie has some amazing new art up on his facebook page.

"There is a caveman in my apartment examining the fur. I wish he would leave"

"deer and stoplight"

"Give Up. Americans Have the Right to Bear Arms"

I really love John's art, music and film work. Its an odd thing that the internet allows you to "meet" people whose work you admire- in only a small way, but one which feels somehow more personal than a gallery meet and greet or a sighting on the street. The title of this blog is taken from the title of one of his paintings, and though no one reads it at this (or perhaps any) point, I feel like it is best to pay some tribute to an artist who is both awesome, and in his way quite friendly.

There's lots more at his page.

And if you haven't you need to see Fishing with John. I am partial to the Willem Dafoe episode personally...

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